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I recently installed this lovely outdoor clock, its powered from the mains supply and keeps time automatically and allows for
A recent large loft office room had 16 LED batons to install. When installing multiple baton type light fittings in
Recent kitchen and extension wiring in Old Farm Park - some nice colour changing LED strip lights from Aurora were
I was called out recently to a reported power failure, the house had an old style wooden fuse board with
We were asked to refurbish and install an old lamp post in a garden recently, the post is 4 meters
A recent job was to find out why a cooker kept tripping the electrics, we discovered 2 ovens installed on
I recently got a call out to a job where the MCB for the sockets circuit wouldn't stay on, the
How to make your home more energy-efficient. Saving the planet begins at home if you make your property more energy-efficient.
Dangerous and incompetent down light installation
When installing down lights in your ceiling you should always take care to keep the fittings well away from the
Flickering Lights
If your lights are flickering it is most likely to a loose connection somewhere and not a resident poltergeist, you