Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation

Heat recovery ventilators can improve the air quality in you home by reducing the humidity levels and condensation. Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation can be a fairly straight forward job, and this can remove unpleasant smells and stop black mould from growing.

The advantage of a heat recovery ventilators over extractor fans or mechanical vents is that the ventilators recycle the heat in the room without wasting it. It does this by exchanging the heat in the air being expelled from the room, via a heat exchanger, and transferring the thermal energy back to the fresh air re entering, keeping the room well ventilated with healthy fresh air without loosing heat.

Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Black mould growths and condensation can be hazardous to your health and is often caused by inadequate ventilation.

“by reducing humidity to optimum levels (Kair Health Line™), eradicate condensation, prohibit mould growth and discourage the spread of bacteria, viruses and dust mite activity. By expelling dust particles, gasses and other household pollutants, the units create a dramatic improvement in the quality of the indoor air supply. “

If you have a room with persistent black mould having a heat recovery ventilator may help you to overcome this problem.

Installation is generally straight forwards and a basic single room system can be installed in as little as morning, dependant upon access to the outside.

We would be happy to provide a free no obligation quote for a Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation to suit your needs.

We are experienced in these installations and can offer competitively priced connections following the instructions provided from the manufacturers. This is always using a dedicated circuit directly from your fuse board / consumer unit and using an appropriate RCD device to give you the correct level of protection from any possible electrical fault.

Basic single room systems are available from companies such as Kair

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