Tripping Electrics

What do you do when you have Tripping Electrics? Before calling an Electrician here are a few completely safe things to try first if your feeling confident. This is by no means an exhaustive list and wont work for all situations, but often tripping electrics is caused by something that is plugged in.

1 Best to locate the fuse board or consumer unit and try to reset the RCD, The RCD is the larger switch that has a test button and not the main house switch, if it wont stay back up go to the next step (don’t be alarmed if it keeps popping and wont stay up)

2 Turn off all the Trips or fuses controlled directly by the affected RCD then attempt to reset the RCD, if it stays on slowly, with a few seconds pause between each one, start putting the trips or fuses back on until the RCD trips – hopefully this process will allow you to identify which circuit is causing the problem, turn off the problem circuit, reset the RCD again and continue the process (leaving the problem circuit off). If this process works go the next step.

3 Locate every thing that is plugged in to the problematic circuit and pull the plugs out, don’t just switch the socket off and leave the plugs in. Switch off any fused isolators. Now attempt to put the Trip or fuse back up – if it stays up with out tripping the RCD this indicates that something that was plugged in was causing the problem and nothing more serious is wrong.

4 Start to plug things back in, again 1 at a time and leave a few seconds between each item and hopefully you should identify which item is causing your problem.

If the above steps are not helpful then its time to call your Local Competent Electrician

Solved a long standing problem with nuisance tripping on the consumer unit.

Very thorough and professional.

A Miller

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Tripping Electrics