Hot Tub Electrical Installation

Hot Tubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and power ratings varying from 13 amp to 45 amp ratings and more, I find the most popular by far is the 16 amp rating for Hot Tub electrical installation.

I often get asked

Which is better, plug and play versus hard wired?

Do hot tubs have to be hard wired?

Do hot tubs need special wiring?

What is the hot tub wiring price?

Does the hot tub wiring need to be buried?

What are the Hot springs hot tub electrical requirements?

I would advise against the cheaper 13 Amp plug and play type as they do have a tendency to draw the full 13 amp and burn out the plug they are connected to as they are pulling sufficient current to be on the limits of what the socket is designed to take. Hard wired hot tubs will outperform the plug and play type because they can heat the water faster and are normally better insulated so reduce the running costs.

Its always best to have your Hot Tub hard wired, with the correct sized armoured cable (this will depend upon the power rating of the hot tub and the length and installation method of the cable) with a weather proof rotary isolator, as the manufacturers all specify, this means you can easily disconnect it for maintenance or if a fault should develop. The cable can be either buried under the ground or clipped directly to a wall, it really depends on budget, customer preference and hot tub location.

The hot tub installation regulations are similar for all brands of hot tubs and any manufacturer specific requirements will usually be provided for the electrical contractors pre delivery.

We are experienced in these installations and can offer competitively priced connections following the instructions provided from the manufacturers. This is always using a dedicated circuit directly from your fuse board / consumer unit and using an appropriate RCD device to give you the correct level of protection from any possible electrical fault.

Its always advisable to have your Hot Tub wired through an RCD device that is separate from the rest of the property to avoid any nuisance tripping to the rest of the house, and we will always do this for your Hot Tub electrical installation if it is feasible.

These installations are notifiable and the job will be certified and building control informed in accordance with the Electrical Regulations, without this manufacturers may not honour a warranty claim.

Chris recently did a number of jobs for us including installing the electrical supply for a hot tub. Really impressed by the standard of work. Responded to emails etc in a timely manner and have absolutely no issues in thoroughly recommending him.

L Freeman

I would recommend HotSpring World Hot Tubs

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Hot Tub electrical installation
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Rotary Isolator, an essential part of the installation