Electric Heating

With the recent news that gas and electric boilers are going to be phased out from 2025 we are pleased to be in a position to offer you the latest in Electric Heating.

The Electric Radiators we can install are smart and contemporary, The latest Electric Heating is designed as oil or liquid filled units, this allows them to function with a lower energy consumption than older style convection heaters, and because they are liquid filled the perform more like traditional plumbed central heating.

Because there is no exposed element you don’t get the burning dust smell that is common with convection heaters when they haven’t been used for a while. Our Electric Heating systems are far more efficient than storage heating systems, that always tend to run out of heat by midday, and typically cost less to install as well as looking much more attractive. Off peak storage heating systems can be upgraded to run during the day to allow the heating to function as you would expect a conventional system to.

Electric radiators are available in various sizes and styles and from a choice of manufacturers. They can be designed to operate over your Wi-Fi via a mobile APP or to keep things really simple they can be controlled through a central thermostat.

We will always dispose of your old storage heaters for you at a proper recycling centre

Farho Radiators

Rointe Radiators

Chris recently did a number of jobs for us including installing the electrical supply for a hot tub. Really impressed by the standard of work. Responded to emails etc in a timely manner and have absolutely no issues in thoroughly recommending him.

L Freeman

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Farho Heating systems

New Farho electric radiator installed in a conservatory
New 600w Farho heater in a conservatory, replaced existing 2kw convector heater
old style inefficient 2000w convector heater replaced by 600w electric radiator
Old 2KW convector replace by new Farho Electric Radiator