Smoke Alarms

We are Approved installers for AICO, who manufacture market leading premium smoke alarms.

Your smoke alarms should be tested monthly, broken smoke alarms cannot warn you of a fire.

Every year the fire service is called out to over 600,000 fires which result in over 800 deaths and over 17,000 injuries.

Having a smoke alarm could help save your home and your families lives in the unfortunate event of a fire.
Smoke alarms all have a test button – Test yours regularly to ensure it still beeps, if it doesn’t you should call a certified electrician to replace them. Most smoke alarms also have a hush button, helpful when they are going off because of burnt toast.

If your smoke alarms bleep or chirrup intermittently it is a sign that the battery is in need of replacement, this is usually a simple task. They also have a date stamped on them, this is a use by date and they should be replaced by this date to ensure they are working correctly.

I often visit homes where the smoke alarm circuit has been switched off because the home owner has got fed up with the alarm going off every time they open the oven. This doesn’t mean the alarm is miss-behaving, it means the wrong type of alarm has been installed. It is no longer recommended that smoke alarms are installed on their own circuit, instead it is advised to connect them to a lighting circuit.

Ideally you would have multiple smoke alarms installed throughout your home, all linked together so that they all go off at the same time, this is how the building regulations advise they are installed. We can advise on the correct alarms and quote and supply premium quality interlinked units to suit your needs.

In 2017, 283 people died in fires in the home. You’re at least 8 times more likely to die in a fire in the home if there are no working smoke alarms.

Offer to test the smoke alarms of an older family member, neighbour or friend who needs help.

It only takes a moment to test and gives your family and people you care about a better chance of surviving a fire.

There are plenty of ways you can keep you and your family safer from the risks of fire in your home. Testing your smoke alarms every month to check they are working is one of them.

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I met Chris about 18 months ago when we moved into our new house. I asked him to do an electrical certificate just to be on the safe side as the previous owners were DIY enthusiasts and he discovered that the ‘earth’ had been removed in the kitchen and various other places in the house (!). He did a great job making everything safe again and has done various jobs for me since. The nicest job he has done is I bought an antique lamp that used to be used in an operating theatre from Poland and it needed a re-wire to make it safe. He not only managed to match the cabling so that it still looked like the original antique cable but he tightened up the tilt mechanism and cleared out all the debris and dust from years of use that had built up in the casing. He did an amazing job and you can see it on his Facebook page. Great guy – inexpensive and fairly priced and really honest in advance about how much a job will cost. If it looks like it’s going to be a bigger job than expected he always lets me know. He clears away afterwards too. Highly recommended

F Rosenberg