Sensible Pricing and Working With Brickhill Electrical

We do our best to give our customers clarity and control when they hire us.

Here are the steps that we typically follow when agreeing a piece of chargeable work.

We share this so that everyone knows where they stand and no one gets charged for anything that they are not expecting or haven’t agreed to.

  1. Enquiry – If you have an electrical problem or project please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  2. For small jobs – we have a minimal Call Out Charge of £80 plus VAT. When you enquire we will tell you whether the minimum call out charge will apply and you are free to decide whether to proceed with us or not.
  3. For larger jobs – we will visit your property to complete a quote. This will normally be free of charge. However, if the job is particularly complicated and diagnosis work is required then our minimum callout charge will apply. However, we will agree this with you before starting any diagnosis work, and you are free to decide whether to proceed or not.
  4. Chargeable Work – if you accept our quote or agree to pay our minimum callout charge then the work we do is chargeable. If the scope of the job changes compared to our original quote we will discuss this with you. You can then decide whether to accept our revised quote or not.

This is an approximate guide to our sensible pricing structure for some of our more common jobs in customers homes, this is not an exhaustive list and neither can it be used as a definitive price as many factors may have to be taken into account to provide an accurate quotation.

  • Replace a security light with new PIR controlled LED flood light – from £96
  • Replace ceiling lights (customer supplied and up to 3) £96
  • Installation of a new Hot Tub Supply, 20A, £550
  • Installation of a Split Air Conditioning unit £1497
  • Installation of an EV charger unit £850
  • Installation of an outdoor weatherproof socket £119
  • Replacement of 2 interlinked mains ionising smoke alarms £145
  • Installation of IP rated bathroom light fitting £148
  • Replacement of a bathroom extractor fan with timer £174
  • Connection of a cooker or Hob £96
  • Upgrade fuse board with new 18th Edition 8 way dual RCD consumer unit £650
  • Upgrade fuse board with new 18th Edition 8 way RCBO consumer unit £850
  • Replacement of standard white socket or switch £101
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) starting from £180

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT @ 20%

Please check out our Services page to see what else we can offer

I met Chris about 18 months ago when we moved into our new house. I asked him to do an electrical certificate just to be on the safe side as the previous owners were DIY enthusiasts and he discovered that the ‘earth’ had been removed in the kitchen and various other places in the house (!). He did a great job making everything safe again and has done various jobs for me since. The nicest job he has done is I bought an antique lamp that used to be used in an operating theatre from Poland and it needed a re-wire to make it safe. He not only managed to match the cabling so that it still looked like the original antique cable but he tightened up the tilt mechanism and cleared out all the debris and dust from years of use that had built up in the casing. He did an amazing job and you can see it on his Facebook page. Great guy – inexpensive and fairly priced and really honest in advance about how much a job will cost. If it looks like it’s going to be a bigger job than expected he always lets me know. He clears away afterwards too. Highly recommended

F Rosenberg