Electrical work in the Garden

These days garden lighting can be as important to the homeowner as the interior of their house.

However, when installing garden electrics it is important to ensure it is installed correctly and safely. It is recommended that you always use a registered electrician to carry out this work.

There are many things to consider when lighting your garden, such as

  • light up paths and steps for safe access and consider linking them to security lights
  • where are you going to control them from, there are various options from exterior light switches to wireless hand held remote controls
  • lights shouldn’t be positioned as to shine into your neighbours windows, and similarly flood lights should be sized according to the size of your garden
  • light up attractive features such as ponds and water features, don’t try and light up everything in sight
  • spend time planing your lighting scheme to enhance your gardens best features, look at websites for ideas
  • cables and transformers should be placed out of site, remember many light fittings can get very hot so should be placed out of reach of small children and animals
  • always buy your equipment from reputable retailers and ensure the fittings are weatherproof and carry the CE mark (good light fittings will carry an IP rating, this is an indication of how well they will stand up to external elements) 

Due to the increased risk posed by UK weather, the garden is considered a high risk area when carrying out electrical work and it is vital that all work is carried out in accordance to the current wiring regulations. All garden electrics should be protected for safety by a 30mA rcd device, which works by disconnecting the electrical supply when a cable of flex gets cut or water gets in to a fitting. Cables should be of the correct type (house hold cable is not suitable), and if underground should be buried at the correct depth to avoid damage from garden tools.

Brickhill Electrical Services Ltd. would be happy to advise on any outside project you may have planned for your garden.